Our Approach...

…is simple: We work to understand what you really want in a home, provide relevant options and guidance as needed, and at the end of the day design a place that you can truly call Your Home.

Our Approach...

…is simple: We work to understand what you really want in a home, provide relevant options and guidance as needed, and at the end of the day design a place that you can truly call Your Home.

Communication is Key

“There’s no one home, or one solution for every person,” says Mr. Schwartz, “so we take a great deal of time to communicate with our clients, regardless of the scope of the project, in order to ensure that at the end of the day we’ve realized exactly what they have in mind. We now employ computer rendered three-dimensional (3-D) design right from the preliminary stage, which enables our clients to better visualize the final design in real-world terms.”

“From day one working with Mark was a positive and enjoyable experience. He is someone who listens and really understands the client’s needs…He brought my dream to life.”



A Practical Approach to Green: Environmental Sensitivity and Sensibility

“Although it seems now that everyone is aware of the importance of ‘going green’,” says Mr. Schwartz, “we’ve always taken a logical and practical approach to design whenever possible. The majority of our designs are traditional, and if you look back at houses built, say, in the 19th Century, they made remarkably efficient use of space and energy due to practical necessity; everything from lower ceilings to root cellars have parallels to today’s energy-conservative approaches. Plus, a well-considered approach tends to contribute more to a home’s value over the long haul than does the trend of the moment.”

Big Focus on Small Projects

From our perspective here at Mark Schwartz & Associates, we view a home as, potentially, a very dynamic environment full of possibilities — something that can be evolved, rather than simply sold off. As many people have come to realize, there’s so much more to being satisfied with where you live than simply the structure itself. Instead, elements such as the setting, the neighborhood, light, proximity to favorite places – these and more are factors that strongly contribute to the sense and value one has of one’s ‘home’.

With that in mind, we often find clients who want to change some aspect – large or small – of their homes, instead of simply putting them on the market and starting again elsewhere. An increasing portion of our of work these days is centered on retaining the loved and appreciated details of their existing homes, while evolving them into a new state through carefully planned renovation.

We approach the renovation process in much the same way as we do for any of our projects, regardless of scope: meticulous attention to detail is not reserved only for high-end new construction, but also for smaller-scale additions and alterations where it is aesthetically imperative that new and existing elements are come together to retain both a visual and habitable flow, inside and out.

“I really enjoy the challenge of working to improve existing structures,” says Mr. Schwartz. “From an architectural and aesthetic standpoint, it’s important that new elements work seamlessly with the original – but when clients want to branch out stylistically within the same footprint, that’s fun too.”

“There’s often a great deal of value to be found in existing structures; all it takes is a different perspective. Sometimes, a small change is all that’s needed.”

– Mark Schwartz, AIA

Selected Projects

Nassau Point Waterfront

Located at the very end of Nassau Point, this shingle-style home was built on a comparatively narrow waterfront lot. Given both the desired square footage and traditionalist style of the structure, as well as the desire to maximize…

Secluded Creekfront

While not technically a new-construction project, this creekfront home required considerable renovation and a complete new design that challenged us to create a grand yet cozy family home that in no way negatively impacted the sensitive…

Orient Enclave

As is often the case on the North Fork, this home was essentially a complete renovation of an older bayfront more akin to the simple beach cottage style of the 40’s and 50’s than to today’s typically grandiose waterfronts. In this case…

Nassau Point Estate

Sited on an exposed point of land at the intersection of a series of natural creeks and open bay beachfront, our goal was to design a grand waterfront that worked equally well for large-scale entertaining yet also allowed for cozy…

North Fork Retreat

This forward-thinking yet traditionally styled home located in the private Laurel Links Country Club was created with peace and tranquility as the primary directive in every design decision. Designed to take…

“Anyone who has spent time on the North Fork of Long Island will have admired Mark’s creativity and innovation…”

– T.D., Cutchogue

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